So, can anyone donate $6000 to help?

November 1st 2011.

Adya is 34 years old. She arrived in Canada, on a work permit, in 2008. She had a job offer, and was employed from the outset as a nanny in Toronto. She worked continuously, for several consecutive employers, until February 2012.

That comes to 4 years of working, paying taxes, in Canada, in Toronto, legally.

When her employer noticed, in February, that Adya was pregnant (she started to “show”), they suddenly no longer “needed her services”. They let her go. Out of work, in Toronto, meant that Ontario cut Adya off from her heath coverage ( OHIP).

So, out of work, and out of money for healthcare, for pregnancy care, Adya went from February 2012, to October 2012, until she was 35 weeks, without any pregnancy care. She couch surfed. She had inadequate funds for food. Her nutrition suffered.

So did that of her as yet unborn child, and Canadian citizen.

Adya will likely need a C- Section. As her doctors, we are being asked to pay for her operation and care. We are a volunteer frontline group of healthcare workers. We cannot afford to, nor should we be asked to.

When did these extreme views on compassion and healthcare enter Canadian “social justice”? When did Ontario falter and loose its way? Do a majority of reasonable, fair minded Canadians actually believe in these extreme policies? Do they believe what is happening to Adya, and her unborn is acceptable? Do we believe Ontario cannot correct this?

We are hoping for a positive pregnancy outcome for Adya, her baby, and Canada.


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