Happy Canada Day, 2012 – for some

Canada had a proud history of safety for many of the the World’s  Refugees and Asylum seekers.  We cared enough to provide sanctuary, safety, dignity for those displaced by war, disease, and famine. Canada is country built on immigration – the contributions of immigrants and refugees. In Canada, almost everyone is recently from somewhere else.

Our approach included fair and open minded policies respectful of human rights and the needs – including access to medically necessary healthcare – for the vulnerable arriving in our midst. It never hurt us financially. In fact, the Canadian road to prosperity is replete with the contributions to our society, of our newcomers.

This all changed as of June 30th 2012 when Canada’s Federal Conservative Government  passed Bill C31 and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney mean-spiritedly declared “I don’t like being taken for a sucker” as justification for his drastic cuts to healthcare to refugees.

Canada’s new official view from Parliament Hill, is apparently, that New Canadians from the most vulnerable of circumstances have come here, to take us for suckers.
This Web site is dedicated to recording, disseminating and preserving the experiences and stories of our Refugees. It is dedicated to ensuring that the harm of Bill C31 is available for all to see, and feel.