Updates on past entries

July 10 2013

– 70% of the Roma we saw no longer come to clinic. We hear they were deported, or simply gave up and went back.

– Miguel’s malaria is treted and he is smiling again. The parents have the large bills

Miguel’s pregnant mother with malaria no longer has fevers. She is feeling better. Donations have let us get her an obstetrician.

– Our patient with Sickle Cell disease and crisis is under a deportation order after 5 years in Canada. Return to his home country where there is no treatment, means death.

– our patient whose IFH was feeling forced into an unwanted termination of pregnancy because of fear of no health coverage with IFH new rules delivered a healthy baby. Some costs for care were excused by providers, others paid from donations, and lawyer helped re-establish IFH after many months of delays.

– Ruth, whose family were murdered in front of her, brought her newborn Canadian child to see us. A beautiful baby. Ruth is on track with her Canadian citizenship. Still no meaning as to why she denied IFH when she came.

– Duncan died from his bowel cancer. No treatment provided. No health insurance. Father, grandfather he was a good man who might be alive with treatment. He was here as a sponsored person, by his daughter. She works in GTA seniors homes, a personal support worker, helping our elderly — and watched her own father be denied treatment and die.




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