Bogus Malaria, and Miguel’s Piggy Bank – “He” is age 1 year

Clinic June 25th, 2013

One year old, and 3 weeks in Canada. Is this fellow one of the “bogus” who get better healthcare than the rest of us?

Mom, father and son are Landed Immigrants ( yes, very legal) caught in Ontario’s 3 month wait for healthcare.

“He” arrived at clinic tonight for follow up. “He” came to Canada with his parents on June 4, 2013. Like the majority of new arrivals, “they” chose Ontario, and then Toronto, and more specifically Scarborough, to settle in.

Three weeks after arriving, Miguel (“he”) suffered  a high fever and  seizure. Keep in mind Miguel is 1 year old, brought here by his parents to Africa.

After a trip to a GTA hospital, and a transfer to the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Miguel was diagnosed with malaria.

Untreated, malaria is fatal. Without follow up, it can be fatal. They were sent here by Sick Kids, for follow up.

Next come the dream ending hospital bills for care – for Miguel, the 1 year old. Hope he has a piggy bank large enough.



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