“She”. Who would care? Picking on 2 year old girls.

Clinic, June 18th 2013

This evening 43 patients arrived for medical care. Forty Three! That, is an all time high number. By the end of the “evening” I was fearful my empathy was blunted. It may have become moribund !

What are we to make of this number? The clinic was more crowd control than medical clinic. We asked another 5 patients to come back to the next clinic. It was midnight before we got home. It was hard to maintain the standards of care.

Of the 43 patients, one stands out. “She”, is 2 years old. “She”, arrived with her mother. “She”, is uninsured. “She”, was ill.

What say did “She” have in her immigration? What does “She” know of Jason Kenney’s  “Orders in Council” that denied her IFHP benefits when she became ill? Her mother was also denied.

For a week “She” has been irritable, with a fever. “She” cries when her diaper touches her. “She” cries when she pees.

“She” smiled at the nurse when they distracted “She” form the ensuing exam.

Normally, with a health card, the standard of care would be a urine culture, blood work to assess infection, and possible a trip to the ER.

“She’s” mother could not afford the tests. So, we have “She” on antibiotics for suspected urinary infection and sepsis. I hope we made the correct diagnoses

Why are doctors and other providers being forced into enforcing the Federal Immigration cuts to IFHP? Why must physicians and other providers compromise our standards  and responsibilities to care because of nasty Federal CIC cuts to healthcare that are bent on picking on 2 year girls?

Why? Will some one please tell me this is Canada.


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