Ontario’s 3 month wait for OHIP – A Prayer for 2 weeks.

Clinic, May 7th, 2013

” I was hoping… Please, let it wait 2 more weeks” These words were uttered tonight by a 70 year old gentleman, a landed immigrant with 2 weeks left before his 3 month agonizing wait for OHIP was over. We compare that 3 month wait to a type of “medical hazing”, a ritual immigrants must endure before they are allowed into our fraternity.

M.C. had waited some time before asking for help at the CVC. He noticed trouble passing urine for the past few weeks. In the past few days he could barely force it out. It burned, and it woke him up 6 times each night to pee.

Finally in desperation, and unable to handle an ER visit and Hospital cost, he came to the CVC. He was near total urinary obstruction from an enlarged, and a likely now infected prostate. He is now on antibiotics and other meds, and we have our fingers crossed he will avoid the ER and hospital, until his OHIP kicks in.

He might not make that deadline.

Who thinks this up. This poor man will wait 2 more weeks if he can, then enter hospital 2 weeks later when his OHIP arrives, with near total urinary obstruction and probable kidney failure. He may well spend a week or more in hospital, possibly end up on dialyses, and require surgical intervention. The total bill would be $25,000.

And it all would be prevented by a $30 visit to a doctor or NP, and a $45 antibiotic prescription.

Again – please, who really thinks this stuff up?




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