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April 30th

… did we ever tell the story of one foreign worker we treated? She worked as a domestic, brought in through the very program now making the news.

She was employed as a domestic, until she became pregnant, and started throwing up a lot. Her employer did 2 things. First, they paid her below minimum wage, something they could not do with a Canadian citizen. Secondly, they fired her when her vomiting revealed she was pregnant.

She tried to get another job. Same problems. Unemployed, she lost her health insurance.

She had no money to pay for her rent, food, or the healthcare she would now have to pay for her pregnancy and delivery care.

She is now in debt, with child.

The foreign worker program is rubbish. It has no teeth to protect workers, or Canadians. It abuses them, and it was set up to be abused.


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