The Foreign worker Program from CIC is Rubbish

2013 / April 30th

Hmmmm? The foreign worker program reeks, eh. Stinks to high heaven of political manipulation of immigrants, by the CIC boss, yet again. This time the purpose may be to bestow financial incentives on businesses, or maybe to use immigrants and immigration policy to drive down fair wages for Canadians while suppressing wages for immigrants

Gotta admire that – let’s blame immigrants again. Better still, let’s abuse them!

You can’t make this stuff up. How can nonsense like this be how our immigration policy is determined? Whatever the motive, the program is blatantly incompetent and corrupt. For that alone Mr Kenny must resign. The program is Rubbish, a sham. It’s impact has meant hardship for thousands of newcomers to Canada – denied a fair wage, fired at the drop of a hat, minimal if any workplace protection.

Please, I will not be organizing any support events for Mr Kenny. I don’t like the man’s politics. I don’t like how he arrogantly messes up the healthcare of refugee claimants when ill, who have endured more hardships in a year than this fancy lad ever has.  I don’t like how he arrogantly dismisses those who disagree with him.

I don’t like how he manipulates Canada’s immigration policies to reflect his personal outlooks and beliefs.

That being said I still think he should resign for the mismanagement and abuse within the foreign worker policies he oversees. He would demand nothing less from any of us who screwed up this badly. He would demand it because he would say the country deserves better.

He would be right.


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