Or maybe still…..

Many family docs are not registered with Blue Cross. About half, from what I can tell. Registering is very time consuming. Navigating the website once registered, is even more time consuming. Determining if your patient is covered for care, on what day – well.

Docs are at their computers while patients are turned down for an appointment. Let’s see how that might work?

“Sorry Mrs so and so, No, Dr XYZ can’t see you for your abdominal pain this afternoon. Why not? Because is he is too busy on the computer trying to check the IFH status of his IFH patients”.

Really? Not happening.

So, some docs ( including those at the CVC who volunteer their evenings) are seeing IFH patient and not charging the FEDS because they can’t manage this nonsense  They are giving the Feds, and Blue Cross a bunch of freebies. Why?

Blue Cross and the Feds have made a point of designing an obstacle course for an IFH  program.

We learned that Quebec has been covering some IFH patients at the point of care to prevent a delay and a tragedy in an urgent care situation. They simply pick up the tab, and  pay the tests, and doctor for the care provided. Again, another freebie for the FEDS, unless the FEDS or Blue Cross are reimbursing Quebec?

No one can tell us if they are. If anyone has information on this, please let us know.

If they are not, the FEDS are “mooching” again. At the CVC, we know what that feels like.

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