Is this stuff legal?? Or is it “bogus”

Clinic,  March 22nd, 2012

A few months ago, a refugee claimant with a disfiguring facial abnormality sought care at the clinic. It happened after she arrived here.

When we called Blue Cross in February 2013, we were told she was covered for IFH, but we needed to tell them the diagnoses. The disfiguring lesion on the Right side of her face had grown large enough rapidly that it reached a size where it was obscuring her vision, disfiguring her face.

Blue Cross did not accept our diagnoses. They wanted more. We provided more.

Finally, In the end, we could not wait any more. A plastic surgeon removed the cyst, restored her full field of vision, and her appearance, and the CVC used some funds we raised to help her.

Now, there is a bill. We hoped Blue Cross would come through after the fact, honour their IFH.

When we called Blue Cross, they told us this patient was no longer identifiable in their system.

Let me see if I have this right? We call. Our patient has coverage. We send her for the out patient surgery. We call for the payment to submit the fee. Blue Cross can’t find her in their “system” any more.

Hmmm. Funny that.

I remember that once I called my car insurance company to inquire what would happen to my issuance rates if I claimed a fender bender. I decided that because my rates would go up, I would take care of the repair costs myself. A year later my insurance rates rose anyways – because I called.

Funny that. But then again, who among us really likes or trusts Insurance companies?

Come to think of it, why is healthcare in Canada now being placed in the hands of a private insurer? Is that legal? Does it not contravene the Canada Health Act? Why should we be surprised by obstruction and claim problems.

That’s what private insurers do. That is why Canadians don’t want their healthcare payments and system in the hands of for profit private insurers.

Mr Kenney constantly repeats his message that bogus refugee claimants are taking Canadians for suckers. That is what politicians do, until we all believe that their message is true, or we turf them.

Maybe the Blue Cross system he designed is bogus?

Maybe Blue Cross really did have another computer foul up? Goodness knows we have had enough in our case. For us, it’s just “one glitch after another” with Blue Cross. We don’t trust a bloody soul at CIC or Blue Cross anymore – not a bloody soul.

We covered the bill on behalf of the patient – not the Conservatives.




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