“Undesirables” ?

Mr Kenney is adored, and “undesirables” need not show up, ( Toronto Star Feb 2013)

In 2000, a young couple arrived in Canada. Shortly after, they came to the CVC. We still know them, well.

Some years before they met, just outside Afghanistan. She, was from Siberia. He was from Afghanistan. The Russian invasion of his country had brought them together.

When they arrived in Canada, she was pregnant. She was 22. He was 23. They are married now. If I remember, they were married then? I remember they were in love, pregnant and young. They remain in love.

In 2000, on arrival in Canada, Victoria was in her mothers womb. All I could decipher, was Victoria’s  heartbeat with the Doppler- thump, thump, thump thump – and her small head buried deep in her mother’s pelvis, far too eager to get out, ready to emerge. Victoria is 13 now. I saw her last week, for her school immunization. She is is perfect. She loves soccer.

I first laid eyes on Victoria when her dark hair emerged, as she exited her mother and landed in Canada – conceived so very far away, in so much hope.

2 weeks ago I read the Toronto Star article, describing crowds of the economic new Canadians adoring Mr Kenney. I read that  Shahram Saremi Chair of the IC Youth Organization stated — ” I think what he (Kenney) is trying to do politically is to make sure the genuine people who are looking at settlement in a peaceful country would get the benefit, rather than the undesirables“.

Really Shahram? I worry about anyone under 30 who holds such views.

Victoria,  and her parents, and hundreds of thousands over the years just like them, were, the “undesirables” you speak of.
Both her parents are now proud Canadian citizens. So are their 3 children. While I was immunizing Victoria, she spoke of becoming a doctor. She has my bet, my prayer, this Afghan new Canadian woman. The family owns a house now. Their father, well, he started a trucking business. He was in a few months ago. He has 4 trucks, and employs 15 Canadians. He has a business that he owns. He works 13 hour days. He works weekends. He works for VictorIa
When he arrived he claimed refugee status. He, and his wife, and their yet unborn Victoria, were denied – deemed not to be in danger. They were your typical “undesirables”.
 Frankly, I really like this family. My money is on them.

This story is true. It is a story Mr Fiorito wrote about so well, in 2000.

Look it up.



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