Zero Health Coverage is what 8 years of work and paying taxes in Ontario gets you

January 2013

FJ arrived in Canada 8 years ago from a nation with a brutal war crime President. All he asked for was refugee status and a chance to work and call Canada home. He was denied refugee status, got a chance to work, and still, after 8 years has no eligibility to Provincial or Federal Health coverage in Canada. He pays for a system he can’t use.

FJ came to the Volunteer Clinic this past week. He had a common condition, quite treatable, that had reached a life threatening level, that was otherwise totally preventable. For 8 years he has worked steadily, with a work permit. For 8 years he has faithfully paid his taxes and dues. For 8 years he has been denied OHIP or IFH.

We had no choice. He was sent to the hospital for care. Now, he will have a very large bill. His journey to freedom and safety as a refugee will be delayed and obstructed, again.

It is impossible to have any faith in our immigration and healthcare system for refugees at either the Federal or Provincial levels. Totally impossible. What a mess. A mess that can and will kill.


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