Mr. McGuinty, Ms Mathews: is this ‘the promise’ you had in mind?

January 2013

S.Y. came to Ontario as a sponsored person, to be with her husband and children in Ontario. She arrived in 2011. A year later she discovered a breast lump. You guessed it. It is breast cancer.

As you read further, keep in mind that since 2004 her husband has been working and paying taxes in Ontario, Canada.

This sad story begins 8 years earlier. S.Y.’s husband was granted Landed Immigrant status in Canada in 2004. Shortly after arriving in Canada he landed a job cleaning in a hospital in Ontario. A year later, in 2005, he was permitted to bring his 2 children here as Landed Immigrants. This did not include his wife, their mother S.Y. The reasons are unknown.

In 2011 S.Y. was allowed to come to Canada. She was denied Landed Immigrant status. We do not know why? ¬†Instead, the mother of their children, 48 year old S.Y. was allowed to enter Canada ONLY if her husband, on his Hospital Cleaning salary, agreed to sign documents promising he would pay any and all costs for her life in Canada. This is called a “sponsorship class” by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. His promise included paying “all” medical / hospital bills.

One of their children is in grade school. The other attends University here. His father helps pay his tuition, using his income as a cleaner at a healthcare location that treats our aging parents.

The father was true to his promise, until his money ran out. When his wife S.Y. found her breast lump, he paid over $3000 in health care bills to have the lump removed and biopsied. It was cancer. Unfortunately there is now a second surgery required. This one will cost $5000. The cancer was not totally removed during the first surgery

If S.Y. is to have any hope of seeing her son graduate from University, she will need chemo-therapy and radiation after surgery. The costs may approach $60,000, maybe more. The family has spent all their money on healthcare, already.

Mr McGuinty, Ms Mathews – you didn’t really mean her husband had to go bankrupt, sell his small house, and return to his homeland to keep his promise, and save his wife’s life? Did you?

I bet you are better than that.


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