What next Mr Kenney? Your new “Interim Federal Health Program” is unusable!

January 2013

Again tonight, more refugee claimants with valid IFH arrived seeking healthcare. Again, tonight, at Clinic, our volunteer doctors and nurses treated frightened, confused, refugee claimants with valid IFH documents, denied care at GTA doctor’s offices. Why?

This happens every clinic. In our last entry we called on GTA doctors to “sign up” for their patient’s sakes. We must respond professionally. Please sign on to be an IFH provider with Blue Cross, before Mr Kenney is allowed to maim someone, or end a life.

Mr Kenney, and the Federal Conservatives are clearly the problem. The real stumbling blocks have been calculatingly imposed by Mr Kenney (minus the democratic process). It is a “new” but unusable and failed IFH Program for Refugee Claimants. Implementing an IFH healthcare system that impedes and harasses healthcare providers in  doing their work, and injects fear and confusion into the souls of our New Arrivals, is not stupidity. It is planned. Our entry yesterday is long. It is long because it takes that much space to recount the stumbling blocks placed by Mr Kenney. There is a famous quote …..

  “Woe to that man through whom the stumbling block comes”.

Is designing a healthcare system that deceives, and denies refugee children and their parents urgent healthcare, a system that impedes doctors and nurses from providing care to Canadian refugee children, a “stumbling block”? We think it is.



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