Ontario’s Hypocrisy: 3 month wait for Health Insurance as harmful as Jason Kenney’s new rules.

Ontario Health Minister Deb Mathews has been busy criticizing Canadian Federal Immigration Minister, Jason Kenney. She doesn’t like that his ( and they are his ) new IFH rules leave thousands of Canadian refugee claimants without healthcare insurance. Minister Mathews is upset that this is a “download” of care that will cost MoH coffers.

We don’t like it either. Thousands of medically uninsured New Canadians hate it. They are the ones who are being physically and mentally harmed by it. And 20% are Children and Youth New to Canada.

So, Deb Mathews is right. But she is also being quite hypocritical. Ms Mathews is busy doing some serious “downloading” of her own. For over 10 years Ontario has not behaved any better – maybe worse actually. Ontario has forced hundreds of thousands of Canadian landed immigrants choosing it as their Port of Call to endure a 3 month wait for OHIP.

She and her Health Ministry quite conveniently “download” healthcare on these new Canadians themselves, and their nurses, doctors and others who are left to try to pick up the pieces . We know. Some of the landed immigrants return home because they cannot pay their hospital bills, leaving their dreams behind and broken forever. Others wrestle with huge bills – like the family of the 15 year old girl we had to admit to hospital in their 3 month wait when schizophrenia struck for the first time. That’s what schizophrenia does.

OK everyone step back – logs out of eyes, glass houses, throwing stones. As a wise leader once advised us all a long time ago, be careful about your righteousness  and anger Minister. Fix your own house first.

We are all hypocrites. It’s just a matter of degree.

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