Saving money one “bogus” child refugee claimant at a time

September 18, 2012

Thomas is 12 months old. His mother brought him to clinic tonight from a shelter. She  fled there from spousal abuse. Until July 1st 2012 Thomas had IFH, awaiting a refugee hearing. Thomas had no say in his immigration or refugee claim his young mother initiated. He has not been eating well for a month, has a fever, and is not thriving. His mother could not afford to take him to the doctor because his IFH coverage had been cut. Thomas had infections in both ears, his tonsils are infected, and he was in discomfort.

Gabriel, from Africa, is 8, in grade 3 and has asthma. His IFH cuts mean his mother cannot afford a doctor or his asthma medications. He is coughing and wheezing more. Without treatment and care he is heading into more breathing difficulty.

Ahmed is 2. He was born with congenital defects and needs regular medical care. He is a bright and lively little fellow who has severe visual and hearing impairments. He has trouble walking, but he carries on. His parents are Canadian citizens. Ahmed was born when they were out of the country. Now that they are back, he has not received any healthcare access after 5 months. His parents are told he will not have any for some time. He cannot get the healthcare access he needs. He has a cough, and is choking and vomiting on the phlegm from his chest.

Tonight these are just 3 of 12 children under 10 years of age who are not “bogus” refugee claimants, who are in Canada legally, following process, but now denied healthcare access.

Their parents came to the clinic seeking care for their ill children, care they can now not afford. Ignoring the health needs of our most vulnerable is becoming a very dangerous situation.




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